The women of Schola Antiqua
return "in secret"

The women of Schola Antiqua reunite for their first concert since 2019 with a revival of their popular "Music in Secret" program. Performances will take place in Chicago and on the campus of Illinois State University. Featuring guest director Naomi Gregory, this program of convent music journeys through a half millennium of sounds written for and by nuns. Schola Antiqua’s concert features some of the earliest known polyphony associated with nuns from an anonymous collection of printed partbooks from 1543. The event includes medieval plainchant and early modern choral music, such as that by Sulpitia Cesis, a nun from the northern Italian city of Modena. Gregory will also perform keyboard works linked to Italian convents. Guest viola da gamba player Cora Swenson Lee joins the women of the ensemble. More info.

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