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The Chicago Classical Review publishes a generous write-up of Schola Antiqua's program "A Mother's Mother," presented in May 2014.


Insightful review of Schola Antiqua's Slavic Routes from February 2020 from

Schola Antiqua nets a mention in The New York Times in advance of its performance at The Morgan Library and Museum in June 2014.

Schola Antiqua named #3 among concerts in the United States for December 2012.

Review of The Kings of Tharsis from
Early Music America (Summer 2012)

Review of Theodore Karp, An Introduction to the Post-Tridentine Mass Proper, in Journal of Plainsong and Medieval Music 16 (2007): 227-30 (excerpt with reference to the quality of the accompanying CD recorded by Schola Antiqua).

Review of West Meets East from
Early Music America (Fall 2011)

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