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For our recent appearances, Schola Antiqua is proud to present the following voices:


  • "Dante 360": Laura Lynch, Jennifer Haworth, Matthew Dean, Steven Caldicott Wilson, Keith Murphy, Joseph Hubbard

  • "Slavic Routes: Music from Renaissance Prague": Stephanie Culica, Laura Lynch, Nolan Carter, Matthew Dean, Keith Murphy, Joe Labozetta, John Orduña, Joseph Hubbard.

  • "Sounds of Faith in Medieval Jerusalem": Stephanie Culica, Laura Lynch, Matthew Dean, Nolan Carter, Joe Labozetta, with special guests Amro Hosny Helmy (oud) and soprano Nell Snaidas.

  • "Maximilian's Musical Armory": Stephanie Culica, Kaitlin Foley, Matthew Dean, Nolan Carter, Joe Labozetta, Steven Caldicott Wilson, Joseph Hubbard, Eric Alatorre.

Other touring programs include "Voices across the Divide" (Reformation/Counter-Reformation); "Music in Secret" (convent program, all-female roster); "Tidings True: Medieval and Renaissance Music for Advent"; "Thomas Becket: Martyr and Athlete"

11-27 Advent Music Concert (Zoe Kaiser)-26.jpg
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